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Events are a perfect opportunity to communicate about your products and services in an intelligent and targeted way. Influencers allow you to maximize the audience of your events while optimizing the number of your guests.

Whether it is for a fashion show, the launch of a play or a movie, the opening of a store or the presentation of a product or service, nothing beats an influencer to maximize your audience!

Kevin Da CostaCEO of Vo Medias

Concert & Festival

Invite an influencer to boost your ticket sales

Cinema & Theaters

With an influencer, make yourself known to new targets.

Product launches

Maximize communication around your product, service or brand launches

Catwalks & Opening

Share your major events with as many people as possible.

Events are unique opportunities to get people talking about you.

Employing an influencer can strengthen communication around this key moment in your calendar. When an influencer and a brand fit together naturally, the message resonates. Our goal is to make your events resonate in order to achieve measurable objectives.

We invite with you influencers chosen for their audience, and the target you wish to reach. Our multi-channel approach allows us to bring you unique content, impacting on the moment and sustainable over time. Whether through stories about your event or articles published in blogs, we make sure your message finds its target audience.

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Cultural Communication

Whether it’s a book signing, a movie premiere, or a fashion show, use Vopost influencers to cover your events and communicate for you.

Fashion & Brand

We accompany you for the opening of your stores or the coverage of your fashion shows. The influence acts before, during and after the event.

Concert & Festival

There is no better way to move the crowds than a famous influencer. Call on vopost influencers!

Keynote and Presentation

business influence allows you to send the right message to the right people and to support your brand image.

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