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Join the revolution of influence

If you are ready to communicate in an innovative and impactful way, we have the solutions.

Communicate about your products or services

Let a targeted clientele discover what you have to offer

Strengthen your brand image

Boost your brand image by increasing its popularity and reinforcing its notoriety.

Create unique multimedia content

Create powerful, impactful and innovative content capable of reaching your targets and increasing your sales.

Communicate about your events

Communicate about your events and strengthen communication around them

What is social influence ?

An influencer, as defined by the Larousse dictionary, is a person who affects or modifies the behavior of others. Influence marketing is not a new phenomenon. Influence marketing works because people are influenced by people and find that word of mouth is the most reliable source of recommendations.

Today more than ever, consumers choose to listen to each other rather than to brands. That’s why influencers are so powerful. They are trusted individuals, loyal to all digital platforms.

Influencers initiate conversations and make it easier for brands to target their audiences on a large scale.

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We create value-generating connections

We create a match between influencer and brand. We are firmly convinced that the heart of influence lies in the alignment of values between the message carrier and its base. When an influencer and a brand naturally match, the message resonates.

They create authentic content – together – and share it online on social networks and other channels. Through this strategy, both brand and influencer can reach the right people at the right time to achieve measurable, value-generating goals.

Our campaigns are international thanks to our global network

We collaborate with expert content creators, loyal influencers with strong relationships with their audiences. Influencers are used as a bridge between your brand and their audience and act as ambassadors for your products, showcases generating millions of views with a clear and readable message: you are a good brand.

  • A database of more than 1M influenceors
  • 12 activity platforms, from instagram to podcasts and blogs
  • A flexible and available team 7/7
  • An intelligent system and a unique management CRM
  • Local, national and international influence
  • Bold content management strategy

Our clients are like our influencers, our best ambassadors.

“A reactive and reliable company, our campaigns are in good hands since we have been working with them.”

Julien Chatrat

“We launched our brand with vopost, their influence services in addition to being cost effective have allowed us to make ourselves known.”

Alex CohenCEO - Bruteli Milano

“Pragmatic solutions to complex problems, nothing to say except a big thank you to the Vopost teams for their professionalism!”

Jake SmithDeveloper

Increase your impact and discover what Vopost can do for you!