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Get started with effective display advertising


From the design of your video or display advertising content to its publication


Daily, real-time management of your display advertising campaigns


Measure the performance of your campaign for optimal budget management

Develop your reputation

Today, the various Display buying techniques can meet all advertisers’ objectives, whether in terms of traffic, performance or visibility. We adjust your strategy according to your objectives, with a view to media planning (visibility/awareness) or audience planning (finer targeting, performance, return on investment).

RTB and Programmatic

Vomedias uses Google’s “Display & Video 360” DSP. Thanks to DV 360, we can help you buy Display slots by auction across the entire web inventory (RTB), using programmatic techniques.

Benefits: Access to all Display sites available on the web. Possibility of using third-party data (3P).

Disadvantages: different platform from Google Ads, and minimum budget required to achieve convincing results.

Mobile application

Mobile applications are an essential part of any relevant digital strategy, helping to build loyalty among your prospects and customers, while maximizing your performance: the conversion rate within applications is generally much higher than on the equivalent website or web-app.
Vomedias offers comprehensive support for the promotion of applications on the Display Network, whether within Google Ads on the Google Display Network, programmatically, or with Apple Search Ads.

YouTube videos

Advertise on Youtube


“By far one of the best display tools ever used to gain notoriety and visibility”.

Put branding to work for your performance with YouTube Ads

With 95% more visibility than any other video channel, YouTube offers advertisers first-rate visibility. A skilful blend of sounds, images and storytelling, the platform is an invitation to enter your brand’s universe, to develop your reputation with a receptive audience, to convey your values and your story to better reinforce the Internet user’s decision to buy, and your performance.

With 1.5 billion monthly mobile viewers consuming more than 1 hour of video per day, including YouTube Ads in your search marketing strategy will help you achieve better results in terms of visibility and audibility. Thanks to its highly committed and attentive community of users, the lever meets a number of objectives:.


Daily viewing time Listening time on a par with national channels


monthly web viewers Audience comparable to DTT


Use on mobile

Reach the right audience

YouTube offers you a new dimension of exclusive targeting for an intentional audience! The result of meticulous re-grouping by Google, YouTube Ads enables you to reach engaged and qualified user profiles based on their intent signals across the entire Google suite (e.g. Search, Google Maps, Google Apps, etc.).


Optimizing your campaigns

Based on pre-defined objectives, campaigns are managed using specific performance indicators tailored to advertisers’ needs. Whether you’re looking for visibility, engagement or purchase intent from your audience, continuous measurement and optimization play a vital role in achieving your objectives.

Our consultants use automatic bidding tools to provide you with responsive, tailor-made support for your YouTube campaigns. In particular, they enable you to capture the various signals that are unique to your business, ensuring that you can optimize the performance of your campaigns successfully on a daily basis.

Smart Bidding:

Optimizes conversions or conversion values using machine learning, and makes available many unique signals centralized by Google.

Maximize Lift:

Maximize the impact of your video campaigns by using an automatic bidding strategy that will help you reach the Internet users most likely to consider your brand after viewing your video.

performance measurement

We use precise KPIs to measure the performance of your campaigns

Conversion tracking

daily, real-time tracking of conversions to guarantee the effectiveness of your campaigns

Sales tracking

Precise monitoring of the economic impact of your campaigns for ongoing optimization

Impact study

Measure the impact of video campaigns on brand image and awareness for optimal image management.

User tracking

Tracking buyer behavior during the online and offline customer journey

Customized reporting

Benefit from regular, precise reporting for a better understanding of results.

Calculating conversions

Using various KPIs, we calculate the precise return on your advertising campaigns for a detailed and effective analysis.