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Search engine advertising is an essential tool for boosting the visibility of your company, your services or your products.

Online advertising is a fast and effective way to generate visibility, leads and sales. Vomedias not only helps you manage your advertising budget. On a daily basis, we optimize your ads, analyze returns and implement ever more advanced and innovative actions to maximize the profitabilityof your advertising campaigns.

A unique advertising approach, more effective, less expensive

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Our approach to advertising is global

“A functional Google ads campaign is one that focuses on your customer. Knowing our customers and their needs enables us to achieve your objectives by adjusting what's needed. From your product sheets, to your website, to your communications, we take all these elements into account to deliver the right messages to the right people.”

Generate leads

Our expertise in lead generation goes beyond your website: we measure how many leads generated on your site turn into real offline customers. This allows us to focus investment on the campaigns that really bring in business. Together, we calculate the average value of a lead to determine the best cost of acquisition (CAC) to obtain.

Generate sales

We focus our optimizations on developing your sales, paying close attention to your return on investment (ROI), your margin per product, and your sales volume. Depending on the seasonality of your business, we correlate your volume and ROI objectives in real time, so that together we achieve the best possible ratio. Whether you’re a pure-player or a brick & mortar, we can set up the mechanisms you need to track your off-line performance, such as Store Visits for tracking in-store sales.

B2B and business sectors

Reasoned purchasing, finalization of the sales process by telephone or face-to-face, lead scoring, long purchase cycle, higher cost per click, hard-to-reach audience… Best practices are no longer enough to meet the needs of B2B companies. That’s why it’s essential to work with a B2B SEA agency with solid expertise to build a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

With Google Tag Manager, we guide you through the installation of Google Analytics and your conversion tracking tags, such as the Google Ads Global Tag, or the Floodlight tag.Whatever your configuration, we select relevant indicators for your business. The success of a campaign depends heavily on the ability to measure and interpret results. The time devoted to analysis and optimization is therefore fundamental. Your team will be dedicated to your project, and you’ll have a single point of contact. The latter will send you a monthly, weekly or daily report according to the rhythm defined together. These reports are customized to your needs, and an analysis of the actions carried out is carried out so that you can assess the impact of your advertising investments. Thanks to Data Studio dashboards, you can access your campaign results in real time via a dedicated interface. Put your trust in an expert Google Tag Manager agency!

The best ads agency in France, guaranteed results from the very first campaign

Managing and structuring your Google Ads account

The structure of the Google Ads account is the fundamental element for perfect campaign management. The account must reflect the website's tree structure, and detail all products/services in separate ad groups. Be careful, however, not to be too granular, in order to acquire sufficient volume on your ad groups to feed machine learning. A successful structure ensures perfect consistency between the query typed by the surfer and the ad served, thus ensuring a high quality score (QS) and lower CPCs.

Cross-device campaigns

Potential customers search for your company from computers, tablets and smartphones, or even a connected TV. You have to be there for them, wherever they are. Contextual elements, such as the user's geographic location, time of day and device used, now have a crucial role to play: offering you new opportunities to reach your audience with more relevant messages, by associating them with differentiated bids.

Google Shopping campaign

As a Google Shopping agency, Ad's up can help you get the most out of your Google Merchant Center feed. This allows you to submit your entire catalog so that your products are visible in Google Shopping results. Product photos, prices, etc. appear directly on Google in addition to the classic Google Ads ad. Google Shopping campaigns regularly account for over 50% of an e-tailer's spend, so they need to be optimized with the utmost care and expertise.

International, multilingual campaign

Vomedias can help you internationalize your business by setting up Google Ads campaigns in all markets. We're a member of The Everywhere Network, to guarantee that campaigns and translations are carried out by native SEA consultants.

Editors and translators

The quality of your ad copy is a determining factor in the success of your Google Ads campaigns. At Ad's up, specialized copywriters are in charge of writing and translating your ads to ensure the best possible visibility on Google.

Dynamic advertising

Vomedias personalizes your ads according to context. Ad Customizers enable us to exploit a data stream to dynamically insert personalized elements, a keyword or a countdown timer prompting action at the heart of the ad. Ad Variation allows us to A/B test several variations of titles or descriptions on the fly across the entire Google Ads account, to quickly retain the best hooks. The IF function enables us to insert a message tailored to a specific audience and on a specific type of device, with no flow required. Your ETA ad will therefore be personalized for each search, making it more relevant to your potential prospects.

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Competitive intelligence

If you’re an e-merchant, you know the importance of keeping your prices competitive to maintain your conversion rate. The challenge becomes even more complex if your catalog includes several thousand products. We use a competitive intelligence tool to adapt the bid amount according to price trends observed by your competitors or distributors. Thanks to this visibility, you can make adjustments in real time.


TV/RADIO synchronization with AES

TV/RADIO + SEA synchronization consists in triggering an action on Google Ads campaigns when a TV or radio spot is broadcast. The tool synchronizes with the Google Ads API, providing real-time analysis of all pre-defined advertising channels (your own or those of your competitors). Using scripts, we can then create all possible scenarios: activate / deactivate campaigns, increase bids, personalize ads (“Seen on TV”, dedicated offer, etc.).

Our customers are by far our best ambassadors

We've increased our sales by a factor of 5 and our leads by a factor of 10 since we started working with Vomedias. Nothing to complain about, their methods are effective. We thank them for their involvement

M. Luc

A company that's available and listens to us, we appreciate the educational aspect, the effectiveness of the campaigns and the constant improvement that's applied to them, we earn more with a constant marketing budget, a big thank you to them!

A. Gerard

We find the words and the means to bring your customers to your products and generate qualified, profitable leads.

Our mastery of pay-per-click advertising strategies, combined with our natural SEO, press and influencer leverage, make us the most complete agency. Genuine support for your digital growth.

Make the difference 

Make the difference 

Make the difference 

Make the difference 

Make the difference 

Make the difference 

Our pricing is progressive and based on our results and the effectiveness of our campaigns.

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