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These new consumption habits born during Covid-19 and that we will keep in 2021

By December 20, 2020March 3rd, 2021No Comments

The retail world has seen two major trends emerge this year: on the one hand, the rise of an aseptic trade, due to coronavirus, and on the other hand, the desire for more authentic consumption and relationships.

2020, year zero for new retail? For retail, this year was like no other. With the Covid-19 pandemic, physical containment and distancing, retail platforms and customers were pushed into their retrenchments. It was known that the Covid had changed our cultural practices, it also has (re)shaped our way of consuming.

Two paradoxical retail trends

We have seen two trends emerge, paradoxical yet complementary. On the one hand, the needs of an sanitized company have brought up the technological tools and contactless. « Humans are biological hazards, machines are not », said Anuja Sonalker, CEO of an autonomous vehicle solutions company.

On the other hand, cut off from their flesh and bone fellows, individuals realized that they had a visceral need for human contact (including virtual contacts, thanks video games !).

New desires for plural consumption

« In a society whose obsessive goal was to kill chance through technology or regulation, this crisis has brought out our humanity, brought us to rub shoulders with death but also to go with boldness and curiosity into unknown territory », says Jean-François Gomez, Senior Innovation & Business Development Manager at Microsoft France

So, the fusion promised by robotics and AI is achieved : technology at the service of mankind; efficiency and solidarity. In concrete terms, how does this embody ?

Contactless payment, stores without cash registers, deposits, bulk deciphering the retail trends that will make 2021 in this Microsoft Experiences Online article.

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